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Is there a specific way to hang my art for display?

A professional framer should be used to secure the proper supports to safely hang art. The professional framer will add the proper protection to the back of the art. Hang the art where the temperatures and moisture are controlled. Avoid hanging art on outer walls. Protect the work by placing cork between the wall and the bottom of the frame.

Confirm your framer uses not only acid free products, but provides museum quality framing (MQF).

MQF is a method of matting, mounting and framing artwork to preserve it and reduce deterioration. This requires products, materials, techniques and knowledge in conservation to provide maximum longevity. This includes knowledge of matboards, mounting materials, hinging of artwork for future removal without damage to the art, standards for document preservation and conservation techniques. Condition is everything in art.

What is the best way to clean my art?

Dust lightly with a light sable brush or with light clean smooth surface cloth. The loops in textured cloth may damage the art surface. A feather duster should not be used because the quill will damage the art or frame. A professional should do everything else. Janet G. Smith is an associate member of the American Institute for Conservation, please contact us for a referral at info@jgsart.com. There is a difference in conservation and restoration.

Additional Service Information:
Janet Gwendolyn Smith
Fine Art Consulting and Appraisal
PO Box 120214
Clermont, FL 34712
Please do not submit images until we have communicated with you about the format required.

Dear Friends of Art,
We appreciate your visit to our website. Please understand before you send an email "art is our business". Our business goal is to make a profit by providing a valued service to our clients. This profit allows the website and art research to continue.

There is a fee for our services. This includes review of emailed art photographs, as well as information about the artists not published on the website. Please do not send an email, if you want artwork information without paying our fee.

Please describe your art project needs in the contact inquiry. We will contact you via telephone or email with our consulting fees. Do not submit any images or photographs with your initial inquiry. The system automatically deletes them.

Example: The initial review is free without our opinion. A $100.00 fee is charged for a Walter Buckingham Swan picture. The fee covers the final review opinion, artist's cataloged number, documenting the picture for future reference, original provenance unique to your picture, letter of authentication, and certificate of authentication.

Thank you again for your interest in our website and art.

Best regards,
Janet Gwendolyn Smith
Fine Art Consultant
Fire Art Appraiser

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