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2014 Smith relocated Janet G. Smith Fine Art Consulting and Appraisal to Central Florida. She is assisting private collectors with their fine art collections.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith Art
Published Articles
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2006 June 28-July 1 International CARS Conference-Osaka, Japan.
Published Poster Smith's Original Art X-ray Research Images, 028 Digital radiography in the Analysis of Artwork, by J. Morris, M. Goldman, P. Cross, J. Smith, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE, USA.

2005 November Sands Through The Hour Glass,
The Nebraska Masonic Home (monthly publication), The Story of Our Memorial Plaque, Page 2, Col 1-2,The article describes George W. Lininger and the bronze plaque to his memory. There is also a marble bust of him in the chapel. With photograph by Anita Crisp/The Hour Glass.

Summer 2005 The Banner Newsletter,
Gutzon Borglum's Granddaughter Researches Family, page 4. Douglas County Historical Society publication by Gary Rosenberg, Research Specialist, Smith assisting with the research has confirmed George W. Lininger, an art lover, who established Omaha's first art gallery in 1888, financed 3 years of Borglum's art education in Paris. See pdf page 4 of 8 at

2005 June 30 The Journal,
Masonic Home May Have Bronze by Mount Rushmore Sculptor, by Patti Jo Peterson, section A, page 10, col 1-6. The article describes Janet's review of bronze of George W. Lininger at the Masonic Home (With photograph by Patti Jo Peterson/The Journal.)

2004 Fall Military Collector & Historian,
Vol 56, No. 2 page 107. US Marine Uniforms of 1798-1806 and the Sandwich at Puerto Plata, May 1800: Research of a Recently Discovered Painting, by Janet G. Smith. See Art Discoveries on this website or

2004 January 2 Fremont Tribune
Marine Painting, by Tammy Real-McKeighan, Around Fremont, Life Section B, page 5, col 1-6. Review of a 200 Year Old Painting with the assistance of Marine Curators and Smith. Smith, art historian working on Fremont's Norman Mangold, biography and artist catalogue. See Art Discoveries: , and

2003 December 10 Omaha World Herald,
Fremont, Nebraska (AP)Section B, page 5. Historian racing against time to preserve memory of artist, Norman Mangold story. (Photograph AP of Rick Kavich and Portrait of Jake his grandfather)

2003 December 7 Sunday Journal Star,
Long Dead Fremont Artist Gains Recognition, by Tammy Real-McKeighan, Section C, page 1, column 2-4. Janet G. Smith, an Omaha Historian is assembling a catalog of Norman Mangold's life and his work. The article was picked up by a number of regional newspapers. (1 AP-Photograph-Kavich and painting)

2003 November 27 Fremont Tribune,
Tracking Down an Artist, by Tammy Real-McKeighan, Section B, page 5 continued B6. The article describes the research the artist, Norman Eugene Mangold by Smith, who is developing a biography, timeline and catalogue of images for Joslyn and area libraries. (With 3 photographs - Smith, Mangold at Work, and Rick Kavich with his grandfathers portrait by Mangold.) This article was picked up by AP.

2001 November 6 The Daily Record,
"Omaha" Smith Specializes In Financial Service for Attorneys and Their Clients, page 1, col 1 continued on page 4. Article describes Janet's work with corporations needing art, etc. (With photograph by Pattie Joe Murphy/Daily Record.)

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